House Rules

House Rules: this will be a VERY house ruled campaign. here are the basics:

1. Everything is say goes, it may not be a rule yet. (When I ask you to make that will save you make it)


3. Nothing in this game is permenant, if you feel that you were unfairly treated, appeal and i may resurrect you. Appeals can be denied

4. There may be times when you want to kill me. Resist the urge.

5. If I ask you to do a favor for me, please try to accept, if you don’t do not tell other players about what i tell you.

6. I don’t want 3 arcane spell casters

7. Develope some personality for your character and you will be rewarded very, very well.

8. Get Gather Info. ohhh and be careful not to gather suspicion (maybe It should be a skill :p)

House Rules

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