Character Creation

We are using a 30 point buy. Characters that have spontaneous casting get double gold at first lvl and you have one chance with my supervision to use 4d6 to get abilities. disclaimer: I have the right to nerf any character. Most races are accepted just pass anything by me before continuing. The setting is not racist and no one cares about race. Sex may be a different matter. Also spontaneous casters are to be treated with respect as they are the upper class. Prepared casters and dedicated fighters middle class. Everyone else lower class.

I will award ad hoc experience points for good character creation. As much as 3000 experience points and as little as 0. This means that you can start this campaign anywhere from 1st to 3rd lvl. Here are the criteria for the character creation, please be innovative and awesome.

A basic 1st to 20th lvl character build along with feats and multi and presiege class builds. Not you do not have to stick to this route.

A detailed description that includes details of family, land you came from (in eberron), race, upbringing, how you came to your occupation, and your current position in life.

A description of your characters personality, flaws and weaknesses, strengths, friends and how you know any of the other PCs.

The grading process will be as follows

750 available points for 1st-20th lvl build-

750 points- perfect 1st-20th build with feats and spells choosen along with equipment
500 points- 1st-20th build but incomplete
250 points- partial build
0 points- no build

750 points for creativity and realism-

750 points- Creative and realistic, ties in with the story well and involves another PC or give a good reason why he/she doesn’t know the PCs
500 points- not very creative or realistic, may not flow with the stories or doesn’t involve a PC.
250 points- far fetched or dull, can’t tie into the story
0 points- no description

1000 points- For description

1000 points- Very well written and constructed thought through and 250-500 words
500 points- badly written and constructed. Not much thought was put into this description and is shorter than 250 words.
0 points- No description

500 bonus points for the description I like best

For an example look at the Water Shugenja which I have so graciously provided for the group. Not to mention made . .

Character Creation

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